State Senator Sue Rezin Best Positioned to Defeat Lauren Underwood

The primary on March 17th will determine whether Republicans can earn back the traditionally Republican 14th District seat in Congress that is vital to regaining the U.S. House majority in Congress. State Senator Sue Rezin towers over her Republican primary opponents in having what it takes to win this seat back. She has an undefeated record of winning even the toughest of races. She has won all five out of five of her elections—three of them being “Tier One”—meaning among the hardest-fought races in the state. Sue Rezin had a political baptism by fire in her first race for State Representative when she challenged Democrat incumbent Careen Gordon in 2010.

Ms. Gordon was one of Illinois House Speaker Madigan’s loyal representatives, and Rezin faced the full force of Madigan’s Chicago money and operations. They put Rezin through a hurricane of negative ads, but Rezin stayed focused and defeated the incumbent Democrat representative. That is precisely the challenge in this election—to defeat an incumbent Democrat representative. Rezin faced two more “Tier One” tough campaigns for reelection as State Senator. Both were against Christine Benson, who is Chicago Congressman Quigley’s sister. While Democrat State Senate President Cullerton’s operation spent millions trying to defeat Rezin, her opponent Benson also had the political operation, contacts and donors of her brother at her disposal. Nevertheless, Rezin handily defeated Benson in both elections. Rezin’s electoral skills and appealing legislative record puts her far above her primary competitors in terms of ability to defeat Congresswoman Lauren Underwood.

If Republicans reward losing by nominating someone like Jim Oberweis, who has run for Congress, U.S. Senate or Governor six times and lost six times, we are likely to lose again. That’s just common sense. And the stakes for our country are just too great to risk it. Another of Rezin’s opponents is Jim Marter, who has run for office four times—from village trustee to U.S. Senate—and lost every single time. Rezin’s other primary opponents have never run for office. They have not been vetted or tested by the fire of a top race with opposition from powerful Democrat campaign operations and left-wing organizations—which are ruthless. Sue Rezin is the only Republican candidate in this election who has been tested against the Madigan and Cullerton Chicago political machines and beating them—four out of four times. Rezin’s first election was for her local school board, which gave her invaluable insights on education. Her second election was her successful race for State Representative against an incumbent Democrat, and her last three elections were for reelection to the State Senate. In her nine years as a State Senator, Sue Rezin earned a solid conservative voting record that most closely resembles the values and economic interests of the majority of people of the 14th Congressional District.

The Stakes...

In the first two years of President Trump’s term, the Republican House majority passed the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act which is responsible for an economy so strong that unemployment is the lowest in 50 years—for all Americans. More importantly, real wages are increasing, and people are returning to the employment rolls after having given up on finding work before Donald Trump became President. Contrast that with this past year while Democrats have been in control of the House— the focus has been an avalanche of subpoenas, endless investigations and an obsession with impeachment from Day One. All at the expense of getting results for the people they were elected to serve. That is why Sue Rezin summed up her reason for running in her campaign slogan: Results. Not Resistance. This past July, the Washington Post published a story based on a UCLA study that found Congresswoman Lauren Underwood had the most left-wing voting record between the east and west coasts. They called her an “outlier” in the House Democrat caucus in terms of being at odds with the values and economic interests of the people of the district she represents.

Because President Trump won this district and because Lauren Underwood is so out of touch with the people she represents, the election for Congress here could become one of the most fiercely competitive top 10 House races in the country. But that entirely depends upon Republicans nominating someone who has what it takes to endure the harshness of what national Democrats and left-wing activists are sure to throw at our candidate. If Republicans are serious about firing Nancy Pelosi as U.S. House Speaker along with the progressive “Squad” led by Alexandria Ocasio- Cortez, we will nominate the only Republican primary candidate who has a perfect record of winning tough elections—Sue Rezin. There is one more crucial consideration in this primary nomination contest and that is what our nominee for Congress will do to help or hurt other Republicans on the ballot in November up and down the ticket.

It is no secret that in 2018, Republicans running for State Senate, State Representative and county offices were decimated throughout the 14th Congressional District. Sue Rezin’s presence near the top of the ballot will be a powerful draw for better voter turnout that will help all of our candidates. Republicans in her State Senate district have made steady gains in the number of offices held while Sue has been on the ballot since 2010. In her nine years in the State Senate, Rezin earned a conservative voting record. That record most accurately represents the values of the vast majority of people of this suburban district, which makes Sue Rezin the most electable conservative. Sue Rezin now represents thousands of people in the 14th District as a State Senator and is running to restore mainstream representation in Congress for the whole congressional district. She is a woman of substance with an appealing legislative record and admirable results to show for her service in the State Senate. Sue Rezin is the one Republican candidate who has proven she has what it takes to beat Lauren Underwood.