After raising her own children, Sue ran for State Representative in 2010 challenging longtime incumbent Democrat Representative Careen Gordon who previously won a series of very tough election challenges. With Rezin’s challenge it became a Tier One race in the state. Representative Gordon was fully backed by Illinois House Speaker Michael Madigan and his money and operation who generated a hurricane of nasty negative attacks on Rezin in order to keep the seat. After 14 years of Democrat control of that state House seat Rezin defeated Gordon and Republicans have kept that seat ever since.

As a State Senator, Rezin won three more elections;  two of those were Tier One races against  Christine Benson who is the sister of Chicago Congressman Mike Quigley. Just like Rezin’s first election against Careen Gordon and Madigan’s operation, Benson had the full backing of Illinois Senate President Cullerton’s Chicago operation, plus all the contacts of her brother, Congressman Quigley.

As a legislative candidate Sue Rezin has been tested like few others and each time she earned the Republican Party’s nomination she went on to defeat a tough Democrat opponent. That is exactly the mission before Republicans in this race for the U.S. House of Representatives. Incumbent “progressive” Democrat Lauren Underwood won Illinois Congressional District 14 last year and enabled Democrats to regain control of the House of Representatives in Congress.

These Democrats in control under House Speaker Nancy Pelosi have self-styled themselves as “the resistance” focusing on endless partisan investigations of the Trump Administration at the expense of results for the people they were elected to serve.

While indulging in endless investigations of the Administration, Lauren Underwood and Congressional Democrats in control of the House have squandered their majority by not passing any legislation dealing with the priorities of the people such as high prescription drug prices, a badly needed national infrastructure plan that President Trump has prioritized, or securing our borders.

As a Republican State Senator, Sue Rezin has an impressive record of accomplishment that is in tune with the mainstream conservative values of the vast majority of people in the 14th District and in direct contrast with incumbent Congresswoman Lauren Underwood who is using the representation of the people of the 14th District as part of national Democrats left-wing ideological war.

Senator Sue Rezin has the substantive legislative record, mainstream values and proven electoral skills necessary to defeat incumbent Lauren Underwood just like she defeated Illinois House Speaker Madigan’s incumbent female Democrat State Representative Careen Gordon in Rezin’s first election.

As a State Senator Rezin now represents thousands of constituents in the 14th Congressional District and she is best prepared among Republicans to represent the whole district by defeating incumbent Democrat Lauren Underwood to bring back accurate representation of this mainstream Midwestern district.